Our Values

At Niagara's Honey, we strive to bring only the premium honey from Canadian bee farms to your kitchen table.

Niagara Falls is often recognized for its wine country and stunning waterfalls, but it also home to some of the world's most delicious natural honey.

Honey from Niagara's Honey is produced by a family-owned apiary which has had humble beginnings. It started as an operation nearly 50 years ago as two hives in a backyard. Over the years, it has grown to more than 10,000 hives in the Niagara region across Ontario and Canada combined. 

We strive to represent Canada, its history, land and heritage with excellence and with pride. We believe in doing good for our fertile Canadian soil, and wish to leave our world in a better place than when we had arrived. We hope that support of our Canadian agricultural bee industry will bolster positive externalities of increased vegetation through natural pollinations methods, bee species diversification, and a symbiotic human and mother nature relationship for present and future generations to enjoy.

Today, Niagara's Honey is available at marketplaces, souvenir stores, wineries and any other shops across Niagara and beyond. Try some today and you will taste the difference!