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Kawaii Character Phone Grip

Kawaii Character Phone Grip

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Get a grip on your phone with our adorable Kawaii Character Phone Grip! These themed grips feature cute and lovable characters :) Securely hold your phone for a more comfortable and confident grip.

Dimensions: vary depending on the design (range from 4.5-6 cm in width and length)

All designs feature a glitter epoxy coating with the exception of Badz and Egg

Grip Type:
1. Regular (Sticker adhesive)
2. Magsafe (magnetic, requires a magnetic case)

  • 🌈 Adorable Design Elegance: Discover a cast of beloved Sanrio characters and intricate Japanese-inspired details that radiate joy and capture the essence of endearing cuteness.

  • 📱 Secure and Charming Hold: Elevate your phone experience with our Secure and Charming Hold that not only ensures a steady grip but also infuses an extra layer of delightful charm. Perfect for effortless texting, capturing selfies, and smoothly navigating your favorite apps.

  • 💫 Durable Whimsy: Crafted with precision and quality materials, this phone grip is not just an accessory; it's a lasting companion. Embrace the durability as your enchanting characters accompany you through every venture.

  • 🎁 Gift of Captivation: Seeking a captivating gift? The Enchanting Japanese Character Delight Phone Grip is a choice that promises joy for those enchanted by the allure of intricate characters and Japanese-inspired aesthetics.

  • 📱 Universal Appeal: Compatible with an array of smartphones and phone cases, this grip is thoughtfully designed to seamlessly elevate your digital experience with a touch of enchantment.

  • 🌸 Express Your Unique Style: Beyond functionality, our Enchanting Japanese Character Delight transcends into a style statement. Showcase your affinity for captivating characters and the enthralling world of Japanese-inspired aesthetics.

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